Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I've changed my nails quite a lot recently! Everytime they chip a bit I make it the excuse to change them and try new things with my nails!
So heres a few I did!
 This one I did water marbling on my middle fingers, and this gorgeous purple colour called 'prince street' from NYC! Im in love with it!
 This one I really loved just the two contrasting nails!
 Then I went overboard with boredom when our internet was down, i liked all of it except the flower thing on my little finger! I got quite a few compliments on it too!
And this I did tonight, I've been watching videos on youtube of nail art and found a really good channel called 'cutepolish'
She does amazing nails and they always look so simple to do, unfortunately mine didn't come out as neat at all! I'm sure with some more practice they will though!
I used inspirations from a few of her videos including her tutorials on hello kitty french manicure, minnie mouse, cherries and just some random hearts i added in myself!

I'm gonna keep trying different types of nail art, i've also found that you really don't need any fancy nail tools like most of the gurus use. I created all of these using little paintbrushes and patience!

Here is a better pic of the hello kitty nails :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sick day #8!

Im not impressed that I've been really ill for well over a week now, everytime I think i'm feeling a bit better and force myself to do something the next day I feel worse again!
So I've decided i'm going to do nothing much more than rest for the next few days!
I will get better!! I'm determined, but its so hard when you can't take any medication other than soothers or honey and lemon tea.
My cough has gone from a throat tickle to a full on bark now :(It hurts my stomach and my head when I cough!
My Mum did me a favour and took my little lady out for a bit earlier, so I managed to get in the bath (for a long time) clean pjs, and now i'm in bed. She bought Freya back tired, so shes watching ice age and going for a nap and i'm sat here with this...
Can't ask for much more now! Just waiting for Freya to fall asleep so I too can nap!

Monday, 20 February 2012

DIY hair bows!

I bought myself a glue gun today finally! So I decided to do something worth while with all the extra fabric I have lying around from old PJs and baby clothes etc!
My first instinct was 'make a bow'. They are so simple and easy to make!
I cut up a pair of my old PJ bottoms and started folding, pinching and gluing, and before you know it I ended up with this!
A cute little star bow! Then I saw a hair slide/bobby pin lying on my dresser, so i put some glue on the back of the bow and glued the hair grip to it :)
Now my old PJ's are a cute little hair bow clip, and there's still plenty of material to make so many more!
Next I thought 'now what can I do?'.
I'd seen a video on youtube from Jessie at theeasydiy channel, its how to make your own fabric flower necklace, so i thought i'd have a go at making a fabric flower for myself. That also turned out pretty well, although I have no use for it and the material I used to experiment with looks a bit naff as a flower. I will definately be making more flowers though in materials I will use. Maybe to put round the edge of a boring picture frame or something.
So there it is, my very own hair accessory, which cost me the price of a new glue gun and nothing more!
I look forward to making more cute things, probably for my little girl more than me as she's really into all the pretty things now!
If you'd like to see a full DIY tutorial on the hair bow, just comment below and I will make one! :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Finally have my 120 palette! & My 'fiery' make-up look!

Ive been waiting 9 days for this to arrive off ebay!
I got the eyeshadow and concealer palette in a combined listing for £14.50! I have to say i'm so happy with it! I found a concealer that perfectly matches my skin tone and is good quality, and the eyeshadows are just amazing! They are really well pigmented and you only need a dab (of the colours i've used so far anyway)

I've been wanting to try a 'fiery' sort of look for a while with yellow, orange and red, but I havn't had the colours until now!
So here is what it looks like!
I was a tiny bit dubious when I first applied to colours because they went on really vibrant and pigmented, but after blending and highlighting they looked really good!
I'm looking forward to trying many more looks with this palette, especially as summer will soon be on it's way!
The overall look!
The products I used for the rest of my face are here.
  • L'oreal infallible 24 hour brush foundation in ivory
  • Beauty UK blush in peaches and cream
  • Maybelline, the colossal cat eyes mascara in black
  • Rimmel, exaggerate waterproof eye definer in Noir 26
  • Collection 2000, extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black
  • MUA eyeshadow (which I use as a brow definer) dark brown, they don't have names?
  • Rimmel, cool shine lipstick in fresh! 022
  • The concealer palette I got today! 
Hope you enjoy and I shall be posting more looks soon!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nail Polish Haul!

I got sooooo many new colours of nail polish today, I chose the brand that I know works especially well for water marbling so that I could create pretty rainbow nails :)
Surprisingly enough, this brand is asda smartprice! Which if you live in UK may surprise you, they are so good and only about £1.20 each! I bought 7 of these and 2 other colours just for the heck of it!
After trying my rainbow water marble, the only colour i'm not impressed with is the yellow! I think the pigment is too weak and it just doesnt show up very well!
Here is my slightly blurry picture of the nails anyway! (my flash makes it go strange)
This has made me feel slightly better today, but my bad chest is still getting me down :(

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Poorly :(

I'm so ill! I have the worst cough ever today and have just been spending the day making random 'feeling sorry for myself' noises!
I didn't even wake up unitl 1pm and still feel like I could sleep forever!
This cheered me up though!
Nutella and digestive biscuits together are so good!
Chocolate has helped me so much today, but have eaten quite a bit of it so now I feel sick. Gonna go back to bed soon as I'm getting tired again now!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

First attempt at Nail water marbling!

Oh my goodness this took me soooo much effort, but, i managed to get all 10 nails done, even if they do look so different!
It's something that definately takes some practice, hints and tips to begin with!
Anyway, here are a few pics from my attempt!

It took me LOADS of attempts to get this right! Sometimes the polish didnt spread or i'd catch it with the orange stick as I was trying to draw the patterns in it! Practice makes perfect though and I used a few different brands to do this with and have figured out the ones which I think work best, as I havn't got many polishes but LOVE this look, I think i'll invest in a few more now!

Monday, 13 February 2012


I love this! This is a woman following her dreams and not feeling the need to change because of the pressure of the business she's in!
She's gorgeous anyway so I don't know why she would ever change. Maybe some other celebs should take in this advice and stop caring about what the common perception of beautiful is!

Poorly days and home made Valentines Cards!

Woke up feeling extra rubbish today. My boyfriend wanted to go shopping to get things for our valentines dinner tomorrow, I thought ''Oh no, I have to go too, to get his card'' Then it occured to Me, I could just make one! So I did! While he was out I rummaged through my crafty draw and come across a few things I forgot I had, like sparkly hearts and glitter! Not very manly but hey, it's valentine's day!

This is what happened to my dresser!

I banned him from coming upstairs when he got back home so that I could finish the card, and this is the finished product! Which I have to say, I quite like, a lot more than one I could of bought, even if it is small :)
So there it is, even when your not well you can always get the important things done without leaving the house!
Now I'm gonna clean up my mess, wash my hands and go and laze on the sofa with my little lady!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

UK Forever 21?

I've heard a lot about forever 21, but until I checked it out for myself the other day I thought it was just a USA thing. Apparently though we can now buy in the UK (YAY)
I was a little dubious ordering though cos I had no idea of their sizing or quality! So I decided to order something on sale that was cheaper, I had to use the plus size section, Im 22 weeks pregnant and no way would a 14 still fit me. So I ordered the above top, and another tunic tribal print type thing. It only cost me £9.98 for both, and I have to say... I'm impressed, the materials are really nice and the sizing (although hard to work out) is not too bad!
So I will definately be using forever 21 alot more when I have had baby and back to normal size :)

Here is the link for my top if you wanna buy it too!



Hi everyone, this is a brand new blog, hopefully i'll get some cool stuff up for you to look at/read/find interesting? 
I already have facebook, twitter and tumblr, but I thought hey i'll get one more! :) 
Hope you enjoy!