Monday, 20 February 2012

DIY hair bows!

I bought myself a glue gun today finally! So I decided to do something worth while with all the extra fabric I have lying around from old PJs and baby clothes etc!
My first instinct was 'make a bow'. They are so simple and easy to make!
I cut up a pair of my old PJ bottoms and started folding, pinching and gluing, and before you know it I ended up with this!
A cute little star bow! Then I saw a hair slide/bobby pin lying on my dresser, so i put some glue on the back of the bow and glued the hair grip to it :)
Now my old PJ's are a cute little hair bow clip, and there's still plenty of material to make so many more!
Next I thought 'now what can I do?'.
I'd seen a video on youtube from Jessie at theeasydiy channel, its how to make your own fabric flower necklace, so i thought i'd have a go at making a fabric flower for myself. That also turned out pretty well, although I have no use for it and the material I used to experiment with looks a bit naff as a flower. I will definately be making more flowers though in materials I will use. Maybe to put round the edge of a boring picture frame or something.
So there it is, my very own hair accessory, which cost me the price of a new glue gun and nothing more!
I look forward to making more cute things, probably for my little girl more than me as she's really into all the pretty things now!
If you'd like to see a full DIY tutorial on the hair bow, just comment below and I will make one! :)

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  1. How did you make these? I've been trying to find a tutorial for ages!