Tuesday, 14 February 2012

First attempt at Nail water marbling!

Oh my goodness this took me soooo much effort, but, i managed to get all 10 nails done, even if they do look so different!
It's something that definately takes some practice, hints and tips to begin with!
Anyway, here are a few pics from my attempt!

It took me LOADS of attempts to get this right! Sometimes the polish didnt spread or i'd catch it with the orange stick as I was trying to draw the patterns in it! Practice makes perfect though and I used a few different brands to do this with and have figured out the ones which I think work best, as I havn't got many polishes but LOVE this look, I think i'll invest in a few more now!


  1. omg that is very cool! looks like it takes alot of practice! it came out nice though:)


  2. It does, ive tried it 3 times now and getting better everytime, its worth it though cos it looks so pretty :)
    Thank you for the comment! x