Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I've changed my nails quite a lot recently! Everytime they chip a bit I make it the excuse to change them and try new things with my nails!
So heres a few I did!
 This one I did water marbling on my middle fingers, and this gorgeous purple colour called 'prince street' from NYC! Im in love with it!
 This one I really loved just the two contrasting nails!
 Then I went overboard with boredom when our internet was down, i liked all of it except the flower thing on my little finger! I got quite a few compliments on it too!
And this I did tonight, I've been watching videos on youtube of nail art and found a really good channel called 'cutepolish'
She does amazing nails and they always look so simple to do, unfortunately mine didn't come out as neat at all! I'm sure with some more practice they will though!
I used inspirations from a few of her videos including her tutorials on hello kitty french manicure, minnie mouse, cherries and just some random hearts i added in myself!

I'm gonna keep trying different types of nail art, i've also found that you really don't need any fancy nail tools like most of the gurus use. I created all of these using little paintbrushes and patience!

Here is a better pic of the hello kitty nails :)


  1. Hello Kitty nails!?! AMAZING!! :P Love the flowery ones too, ah I gotta try these :) x

  2. Thank you :) If you look for a channel called 'cutepolish' on youtube she does some amazing nail art which is where I got the hello kitty design from :) x