Monday, 13 February 2012

Poorly days and home made Valentines Cards!

Woke up feeling extra rubbish today. My boyfriend wanted to go shopping to get things for our valentines dinner tomorrow, I thought ''Oh no, I have to go too, to get his card'' Then it occured to Me, I could just make one! So I did! While he was out I rummaged through my crafty draw and come across a few things I forgot I had, like sparkly hearts and glitter! Not very manly but hey, it's valentine's day!

This is what happened to my dresser!

I banned him from coming upstairs when he got back home so that I could finish the card, and this is the finished product! Which I have to say, I quite like, a lot more than one I could of bought, even if it is small :)
So there it is, even when your not well you can always get the important things done without leaving the house!
Now I'm gonna clean up my mess, wash my hands and go and laze on the sofa with my little lady!

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