Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sick day #8!

Im not impressed that I've been really ill for well over a week now, everytime I think i'm feeling a bit better and force myself to do something the next day I feel worse again!
So I've decided i'm going to do nothing much more than rest for the next few days!
I will get better!! I'm determined, but its so hard when you can't take any medication other than soothers or honey and lemon tea.
My cough has gone from a throat tickle to a full on bark now :(It hurts my stomach and my head when I cough!
My Mum did me a favour and took my little lady out for a bit earlier, so I managed to get in the bath (for a long time) clean pjs, and now i'm in bed. She bought Freya back tired, so shes watching ice age and going for a nap and i'm sat here with this...
Can't ask for much more now! Just waiting for Freya to fall asleep so I too can nap!

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