Sunday, 12 February 2012

UK Forever 21?

I've heard a lot about forever 21, but until I checked it out for myself the other day I thought it was just a USA thing. Apparently though we can now buy in the UK (YAY)
I was a little dubious ordering though cos I had no idea of their sizing or quality! So I decided to order something on sale that was cheaper, I had to use the plus size section, Im 22 weeks pregnant and no way would a 14 still fit me. So I ordered the above top, and another tunic tribal print type thing. It only cost me £9.98 for both, and I have to say... I'm impressed, the materials are really nice and the sizing (although hard to work out) is not too bad!
So I will definately be using forever 21 alot more when I have had baby and back to normal size :)

Here is the link for my top if you wanna buy it too!


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