Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mango Tango make-up & OOTD

Saturday (yesterday) Was really nice weather so I decided to get into the spirit with some bright make-up!
Here is the look I came up with, that I have named Mango Tango haha!
I used gold and orange shadow on my lid, and orange mixed with a light brown underneath the eye! Plenty of volumising mascara, and my favourite ever orange lipstick!!

I heard from a beauty guru/make-up artist on youtube that because green is opposite orange on the colour wheel that wearing orange make-up with my green eyes would compliment them well! I do like it :) 

And here is the outfit I wore with it! 
You can see my big 28 week bump poking out too :)


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Today I felt like baking!

I went food shopping yesterday but decided to behave and not get any bad for you, rubbish food in the house, But... We all need something a little naughty at some point!
So this morning I thought i'd make some flapjacks! Seeing as the only bad thing in them is the golden syrup I thought it'd be ok :)
Here are my Cherry and raisin flapjacks!
The recipe is..
50g Unsalted Butter,
As much or little golden syrup, glace cherries and raisins as you fancy,
Plenty of oats!

To be honest I pretty much eye balled this recipe, its really not hard and I find flapjack is one of those things you make according to your own taste.
However, this is what I did..
First off, pre-heat your oven to gas mark 4.
Put your butter, and golden syrup in a pan and gently heat until runny and mixed together.
Next, turn off the heat and pour your oats in, I did this bit by bit as it all depends on how much golden syrup mix you have and how moist you want your flapjacks to be.
Then, mix in your cherries and raisins.
Pour the mix into a lined baking tray pretty quickly as you don't want the oats to set in your pan (It's sticky and hard to scrub off!)
Bake in the oven for 30 minutes.
Don't be worried when you take them out of the oven if they don't look completely hardened, the longer you leave the flapjack to cool and set the firmer it will become :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

New love for Emeli Sande!

I don't normally listen to too much mainstream music but.... Emeli Sande has such an amazing voice!
I'm currently listening to her album 'Our version of events' and I really like it. I'd say it's up there with my love for Adele, Whitney Houston and Madonna! It's got a good edge to it aswell though!

I also think that Emeli has got a good style to her, she's edgy yet feminine, which I really like!
In all honesty i've just fallen in love with her voice, I especially like the song 'heaven' It reminds me of the old school house music that I love! Good to dance round the house to!

I'd advise you to check this album out if you're looking for a strong vocal in music!

New Layout :)

My blog now looks so much cleaner and tidier! I have a new layout, banner, buttons and funky stuff thanks to :)
Thumbs up for that!

ELF products I've been waiting for!

A short while ago I was on the ELF website browsing and near enough everything I wanted to order was out of stock :( So I put my email address in so when they came back in I could order them!
I got my emails on wednesday to say they were back in stock :D
I decided I'd order myself the things I wanted as a Mother's day present! 
Here's what I got..
 3 Lipstick's in the shades Flirtatious, Captivating & Fearless!
A blusher in Glow.
An All over color stick in Spotlight!
Eye lid primer in Sheer.
Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara
and, a studio Powder Brush!

Everything was from the £1.50 range except the powder brush which cos £3.50! I ordered them Wednesday night and they came this morning! That's only 1 whole day! Fast or what! I'm so impressed by that!

I have given everything a test and I love all of the stuff I got! The lipsticks feel so nice on, and the colours are amazing, hot pink, deep coral orange and a bright red :) Just about every colour i'll ever need, they are matte which I also love, I find shimmery lipsticks make my lips look huge! 
The blush is a lovely peach colour with a hint of gold shimmer, this will be perfect for the summer coming up!
The all over colour stick is a very light beige colour and has shimmer too, perfect for highlighting the face.
The clear mascara. eyelid primer and powder brush are also all good products for the money!
I think I have fallen for ELF products and seeing as they are so cheap you can't go wrong!  

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I want new skin!

I've started to get really fed up of my skin lately! I've never had skin this bad in my life, but I suppose pregnancy hormones can do strange things to you! I'm spotty, dry, oily and blotchy! :(
Yesterday I think it pushed me over the edge :/ I just got really annoyed with being sore and having painful spots, so today I decided to go and buy myself some new skin treatments! I normally use any moisturiser I want on my skin, but no longer apparently! I thought it best I swap my lovely strawberry N-spa for something a bit more medicated and better for my terrible skin right now!
I've always heard that tea tree does good things for acne and spots etc. So I decided on that as my weapon of choice!
L-R tea tree oil & Tea tree moisturiser 2 for 3.99 
Tea tree face mask 89p (superdrug)
Carmex cherry lip balm 2.00 (asda) 
Icare Tea tree face wipes 3 for 1.00 
Icare eye make up remover pads, 2 packs of 30 for 99p (bodycare)

So as you can see my new skin care didn't cost me much at all! 
So this evening I decided to try it all out, firstly I took my eye make-up off with the remover pads, they're quite small and because I wear a lot of mascara it took 3 sides of a pad on each eye to remove the make-up, but they work really well and for 99p I won't complain! 
Next, I took my face make-up off with the tea tree face wipes, I have used these before and never had a problem with them, they're soft and smell so nice!
Then, I moved onto the face mask! I got excited about this as I LOVE peel off face masks (my aim is always to get them off in one, and I did!) I loved the tingly, cool, fresh, zingy feeling this gave my face while it was drying! As soon as I took it off my skin felt so much nicer, more hydrated and soft! I think I will use this once a week from now on!
Next up I moisturised with the tea tree and then applied the tea tree oil onto the really sore and spotty areas of my face! 
The carmex lip balm is also very nice, it's kind of minty but tastes like cherry! I've used it 3 times in around the last 6 hours and my lips feel beautifully soft now :) 

I' hoping all this works on my skin and helps me get my flawless skin back very soon! If not, at least it smells a bit nicer now! Plus it never hurts to have a bottle of tea tree oil lying around!  

Garnier BB cream review!

My Mum ordered herself and I a sample pack of the new garnier BB cream a week or two ago. When it came in the post there were 3 little sample pouches in the box which I thought was quite good!
Its taken me about a week to actually use it as i've been sticking with foundation, but this morning my face felt so horrible I thought I'd give it a go! 

The cream came out quite thick and dark which I was dubious about, but as I put it on my skin and rubbed it in it felt so nice and moisturising, soft, and very well tinted!
I would say it has the coverage of a light/medium foundation but with the feel of a really nice moisturiser! 

After I'd applied the cream and looked at my skin I didn't really feel the need for foundation over the top of it, so I left it as it was and just applied a touch of powder in the oily areas of my face aswell as my bronzer and concealer. Did my eye make-up and was ready to go!

The good point of this BB cream are; it moisturises and covers all in one, it has a really nice colour to it that blends well with your own skin, it has spf 15 so no need for a sunscreen underneath, it lasts for over 8 hours and it's reasonably priced!
 My make-up lasted all day over this cream and even 8 hours after applying my face still looked fresh and well done!
After 8 hours wear! (excuse the headband I was just about to remove my make up) 
I am most definately going to invest in this cream once I have used up my samples :)
Thumbs up for the BB cream!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Getting better at water marbling :)

Over the weekend I ended up doing 2 water marbles, I didn't like the first one very much though so changed it the day after.
To this....
By far my most successful water marble yet. Normally to get all 10 nails perfect I have to dip them at least 18 times :/ (it's all about practice)
BUT.. this time I only had to dip 11 times :) YAY!
I think I have mastered it now!

I used barry M nail paint in mint green & asda nail varnish in purple

I really like the look of these two colours together and have gotten so many compliments on this water marble! :) 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday :)

Started with a big breakfast for Me!
For some reason I really fancied a fry up!

I was meant to be taking all the kids to the park with my Mum but she was ill and my Brother didn't bring them up in the end, so despite Me being fully dressed and done up, we went no where.

However, I thought I'd go for a sort of Dita, pin up look today!

For some reason red lips always make my big lips look even more huge!

I also decided to take a pic of some water marble nails I did last night :) I went for pink and orange originally but the pink didn't work so I had to switch to red :(
Still came out okay though!

A few white spots left but nothing too bad for once. This was one of my most successful attempts!

I also turned 26 weeks pregnant yesterday! OMG it's flying by now! My belly seems to be bigger everyday too! I think little man is doing alot of growing now :)
I do love my bump though!
Can't wait to see the little baby boy that comes out of it in 14 weeks time!

Then we had a visit off my lovely friends Kirsty and Becky (who are twins) They bought both babas presents and me some rock :) It was nice to catch up and have a girly chat! It doesn't happen much these days!
Then Me and lil lady had dinner and she's now sound asleep in bed and I can finally relax!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

10 Things That Annoy Me & 10 Things That Make Me Smile!

Lets start off bad and then get better!
The 10 things that annoy Me most in everyday life...

That little bit of tea/coffee people leave in the bottom of the cup, and then put it with the washing up! JUST THROW IT DOWN  THE SINK! There's nothing worse than sailing through your washing up dunking in a glass or a cup that has something in it that contaminates the whole water! Then you have to empty and start again, because as much as i love tea, I don't need my dishes washed in it! 

Messy curtains! I think windows are something in a room that people tend to look at a lot, so when you have messy curtains that havn't been opened or closed properly it can make the whole room look messy too! 

Lights being left on when nobody is in that room! It's just a waste! Of electricity, money and adds bad points to our carbon footprint! I also can't stand it when someone leaves a tv, computer, xbox or plug on! 

Finding random items of clothing/outerwear/accesories/shoes just thrown anywhere and everywhere! My boyfriend has a really bad habit of leaving hats everywhere! I have found them on the kitchen table, the sofa, the bed, the stairs! They just get everywhere! 

Empty food packets in the fridge/cupboard! If you eat the last one of something, then the bigger packet it came in needs to go in the bin! It's really easy lol! I hate going in the cupboard and thinking 'yeah i'll have a packet of crisps' but there's actually none left, but someone left the big empty multipack in there to decieve me!

Clothes in the wrong washing basket! This is probably something that's specific to my house or other people that do this but... I have 3 dirty washing baskets, one for darks, one for lights, and one for colours. For example, when I find a black tshirt in the whites basket it drives me mad! This is because I often just grab a basket, drag it downstairs and bung as much of it as I can into the machine, switch it on and forget about it until its done! If theres something black in the whites and I don't look (because I shouldn't have to with clearly labelled baskets) It could ruin a whole load of white stuff! 

Doors that are neither open or closed! ARGH this has to be one of my biggest pet peeves! I don't have any problems being in a room where a door is shut, or where a door is open! Just make your mind up about it! When it's just a little bit open it drives me mad and I either have to shut it or open it fully!

When someone moves something and then I can't find it again! I tend to put random things in places so I know where they are when I need them! When you live with other people, or have a Mama like mine who likes to tidy my house, or an OCD brother who makes it impossible to find things again, this gets so annoying! Especially when they don't live with you so they're not there to ask when you really need to find it!

Big spoons with yoghurts and little spoons with cereal! I don't know why, but I just can't eat these things with these spoons! If someone brings me a yoghurt with a big spoon to eat it with it pisses me of lol! Vice versa for the cereal! 

When I'm watching TV and someone just comes in and grabs the remote and changes the channel without even asking! My Dad has done this all my life and I just hate it, I find it ignorant and rude, even just to ask would be nice!  
And.... 10 things that randomly make Me smile...

Finding nice notes off people when they are not home. My Mum used to leave nice notes sometimes when we got home from school, if she was at work or somewhere then she'd write a nice little note to keep us informed, and always say 'love you' on them. Which is nice cos no one seems to do that anymore!

Strangers who are actually nice to people. Everyone seems to be so ignorant and rude these days, if someone bumps into you in town and just ignores the fact that they've done it or looks at you like it's your fault I find rude. So when people actually apologize, or hold the door for you, or pick something up that you've dropped and didn't realise is really nice!

The first sip of tea after a long day! Theres nothing more satisfying sometimes than sitting down with a strong cup of tea and taking a minute to yourself when you've been rushed off your feet all day! Even better with a nice biscuit to dunk in!


Parcels in the post! I often order things online and when they arrive in the post I get all excited like a kid at christmas! :) That one is probably not just me though haha!

Randomly recieving flowers! I think every woman loves flowers, especially when you get a bunch handed to you from your significant other! Even more so when it;s random and not a special occasion like a birthday, mothers day, anniversary or valentines day! Not saying that flowers aren't nice then too, but random flowers are even nicer :) My boyfriend does this sometimes! :)

Cuddles and Kisses off My daughter! Its very rare that she will actually take 5 minutes out from running round like a lunatic and just come and give me a big cuddle (unless she wants something) So when I do get them, I cherish them!

My favourite friends episodes. I know friends is old and alot of people don't watch it anymore, but we watch it every single night without fail in bed! When our favourite episodes come on and we can sit there and say every line just makes Me laugh.


Having my hair played with! This really relaxes me and makes me feel good. My Nan used to play with my hair to help me go to sleep, and whenever someone does it now it still has the same effect! Funnily enough my daughter likes it too :) 

Sunny days! I don't know what it is but the sun shining always puts me in a better mood and helps me through the day! I always seem to have loads more motivation when I wake up to a sunny day! 

Rain tapping the window at night! There's something really relaxing about going to sleep listening to the rain! As apposed to the usual barking dogs, meowing cats and random alarms going off where we live! 
The rain just sounds so much nicer! With it being night time I don't care that it's raining either cos I don't have to be out in it! I'm all cosy and tucked up in bed! 

So there you have it! What I hate and what I love! 
None of the images used are mine btw!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know Me better :) 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spring Mintiness!

The colour mint seems to be everywhere again now that it's spring time! So I thought I'd do a make up look to follow trend!
 I used my 120 palette for the entire eye apart from the base, I used miss sporty silver cream shadow!
On the lid I used matte white and mint and then a shimmery torqouise to line with!
A few coats of mascara, flush of bronzer and a nude lpstick completed my look!

I personally love the mint/turquoise trend as its one of my favourite colours anyway :)
Hoping to try out more looks with my 120 palette soon! Summer here we come!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Latest beauty buys and the best lipstick colour for Me!

Yet again I seem to have bought quite a few cosmetics lately! I manage to pick something up near enough everytime I go shopping, and have also been buying online too!
There's a few things I wanted to try because everyone raves on about them!
ELF cosmetics, personally before today I never owned anything at all from elf, but thought i'd give them ago seeing as it's sooo cheap!
This lipstick has really impressed me! The shade is 021 classy.
Its creamy, moisturising, and pretty well lasting, I have eaten with it on and its stayed put!
The colour is one i've been searching for everywhere, it just looks nice on me, its not too far off my natural lip colour, so it just makes my lips look more defined and even! The perfect nude for my lip!
This only cost me £1.50, the packaging is pretty nice for that price too!

I also ordered some more stuff from e.l.f, I got some brushes, a white nail polish, white eyeliner and an eyelid primer! The stippling brush is also another thing i've been searching for and this one is really nice for £3.50!
 As you can see I also bought some foundations and nail polishes, these mega big glitter ones only cost me 99p for all 3 and they also came with the little nail file! Can't wait to try all of them!
Sally hansen double, base and top coat, this looks really nice even by itself!
Gosh foundation, I have only used once so far but I like it!
These aren't in the beauty category but I just wanted these hello kitty earrings off ebay, they cost me £1.99 and came in the post pretty fast so i'm a happy bunny!

Overall i'm really happy with the stuff I got! :) This is why i'm stupidly addicted to cosmetics!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

CLINIQUE even better foundation tryout!

I have seen this foundation advertised everywhere lately, so when I was out shopping the other day I picked some up.
I've had it since Friday and hadn't used it so I decided to try it out today, I also filmed a video as I was doing so which is uploading to youtube as I type this.

This foundation is supposed to even out skin tone and dark spots, and is described on the box as 'moderate coverage, luminous finish' so lets see...

 Me, with no make up on at all. Blotchy, red, and pale face!
 The tools!
 After a quick application of the foundation.
I used 2 pea sized squirts on the brush to cover my whole face!

This is literally everything I have on my face in the picture above, as you can see, a better improvement than the first photo!

I am very impressed with this foundation, i've only had it on for an hour or so at the moment so i'm not sure on longevity or staying power but i'm sure for the price it will at least last 8 hours!
This makes my skin looks very dewy and natural, but has covered enough to make it look more flawless!
Happy bunny now

Here is the video

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The BEST mascara in my opinion, and why I like it!

I've tried soooo many different mascaras, but always stick to one rule, and that rule is, that they have to be volumising! I already have long lashes so I don't need lengthening mascara, but they're just not very thick!
I started using this bourjois volume clubbing mascara about 3-4 years ago.
Then I discovered maybelline volume express, I'm a fan of the whole volume express line.
However, I recently bought the original one again because I used to like it so much, but it just dissapointed me this time, the formula seems to have gotten thinner!
So I've gone back to my old faithful :)

I do just love this product, I'd say it would be on my can't live without list!
Here is why...
It makes my eyelashes look amazing (with the help of curlers too) Just one coat has a brilliant coverage, but out of habit I always paste two on anyway. Apparently 'spider' eyes are in this season, and I think this mascaras the way to go with that!