Thursday, 8 March 2012

10 Things That Annoy Me & 10 Things That Make Me Smile!

Lets start off bad and then get better!
The 10 things that annoy Me most in everyday life...

That little bit of tea/coffee people leave in the bottom of the cup, and then put it with the washing up! JUST THROW IT DOWN  THE SINK! There's nothing worse than sailing through your washing up dunking in a glass or a cup that has something in it that contaminates the whole water! Then you have to empty and start again, because as much as i love tea, I don't need my dishes washed in it! 

Messy curtains! I think windows are something in a room that people tend to look at a lot, so when you have messy curtains that havn't been opened or closed properly it can make the whole room look messy too! 

Lights being left on when nobody is in that room! It's just a waste! Of electricity, money and adds bad points to our carbon footprint! I also can't stand it when someone leaves a tv, computer, xbox or plug on! 

Finding random items of clothing/outerwear/accesories/shoes just thrown anywhere and everywhere! My boyfriend has a really bad habit of leaving hats everywhere! I have found them on the kitchen table, the sofa, the bed, the stairs! They just get everywhere! 

Empty food packets in the fridge/cupboard! If you eat the last one of something, then the bigger packet it came in needs to go in the bin! It's really easy lol! I hate going in the cupboard and thinking 'yeah i'll have a packet of crisps' but there's actually none left, but someone left the big empty multipack in there to decieve me!

Clothes in the wrong washing basket! This is probably something that's specific to my house or other people that do this but... I have 3 dirty washing baskets, one for darks, one for lights, and one for colours. For example, when I find a black tshirt in the whites basket it drives me mad! This is because I often just grab a basket, drag it downstairs and bung as much of it as I can into the machine, switch it on and forget about it until its done! If theres something black in the whites and I don't look (because I shouldn't have to with clearly labelled baskets) It could ruin a whole load of white stuff! 

Doors that are neither open or closed! ARGH this has to be one of my biggest pet peeves! I don't have any problems being in a room where a door is shut, or where a door is open! Just make your mind up about it! When it's just a little bit open it drives me mad and I either have to shut it or open it fully!

When someone moves something and then I can't find it again! I tend to put random things in places so I know where they are when I need them! When you live with other people, or have a Mama like mine who likes to tidy my house, or an OCD brother who makes it impossible to find things again, this gets so annoying! Especially when they don't live with you so they're not there to ask when you really need to find it!

Big spoons with yoghurts and little spoons with cereal! I don't know why, but I just can't eat these things with these spoons! If someone brings me a yoghurt with a big spoon to eat it with it pisses me of lol! Vice versa for the cereal! 

When I'm watching TV and someone just comes in and grabs the remote and changes the channel without even asking! My Dad has done this all my life and I just hate it, I find it ignorant and rude, even just to ask would be nice!  
And.... 10 things that randomly make Me smile...

Finding nice notes off people when they are not home. My Mum used to leave nice notes sometimes when we got home from school, if she was at work or somewhere then she'd write a nice little note to keep us informed, and always say 'love you' on them. Which is nice cos no one seems to do that anymore!

Strangers who are actually nice to people. Everyone seems to be so ignorant and rude these days, if someone bumps into you in town and just ignores the fact that they've done it or looks at you like it's your fault I find rude. So when people actually apologize, or hold the door for you, or pick something up that you've dropped and didn't realise is really nice!

The first sip of tea after a long day! Theres nothing more satisfying sometimes than sitting down with a strong cup of tea and taking a minute to yourself when you've been rushed off your feet all day! Even better with a nice biscuit to dunk in!


Parcels in the post! I often order things online and when they arrive in the post I get all excited like a kid at christmas! :) That one is probably not just me though haha!

Randomly recieving flowers! I think every woman loves flowers, especially when you get a bunch handed to you from your significant other! Even more so when it;s random and not a special occasion like a birthday, mothers day, anniversary or valentines day! Not saying that flowers aren't nice then too, but random flowers are even nicer :) My boyfriend does this sometimes! :)

Cuddles and Kisses off My daughter! Its very rare that she will actually take 5 minutes out from running round like a lunatic and just come and give me a big cuddle (unless she wants something) So when I do get them, I cherish them!

My favourite friends episodes. I know friends is old and alot of people don't watch it anymore, but we watch it every single night without fail in bed! When our favourite episodes come on and we can sit there and say every line just makes Me laugh.


Having my hair played with! This really relaxes me and makes me feel good. My Nan used to play with my hair to help me go to sleep, and whenever someone does it now it still has the same effect! Funnily enough my daughter likes it too :) 

Sunny days! I don't know what it is but the sun shining always puts me in a better mood and helps me through the day! I always seem to have loads more motivation when I wake up to a sunny day! 

Rain tapping the window at night! There's something really relaxing about going to sleep listening to the rain! As apposed to the usual barking dogs, meowing cats and random alarms going off where we live! 
The rain just sounds so much nicer! With it being night time I don't care that it's raining either cos I don't have to be out in it! I'm all cosy and tucked up in bed! 

So there you have it! What I hate and what I love! 
None of the images used are mine btw!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know Me better :) 

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