Thursday, 1 March 2012

The BEST mascara in my opinion, and why I like it!

I've tried soooo many different mascaras, but always stick to one rule, and that rule is, that they have to be volumising! I already have long lashes so I don't need lengthening mascara, but they're just not very thick!
I started using this bourjois volume clubbing mascara about 3-4 years ago.
Then I discovered maybelline volume express, I'm a fan of the whole volume express line.
However, I recently bought the original one again because I used to like it so much, but it just dissapointed me this time, the formula seems to have gotten thinner!
So I've gone back to my old faithful :)

I do just love this product, I'd say it would be on my can't live without list!
Here is why...
It makes my eyelashes look amazing (with the help of curlers too) Just one coat has a brilliant coverage, but out of habit I always paste two on anyway. Apparently 'spider' eyes are in this season, and I think this mascaras the way to go with that!

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