Sunday, 4 March 2012

CLINIQUE even better foundation tryout!

I have seen this foundation advertised everywhere lately, so when I was out shopping the other day I picked some up.
I've had it since Friday and hadn't used it so I decided to try it out today, I also filmed a video as I was doing so which is uploading to youtube as I type this.

This foundation is supposed to even out skin tone and dark spots, and is described on the box as 'moderate coverage, luminous finish' so lets see...

 Me, with no make up on at all. Blotchy, red, and pale face!
 The tools!
 After a quick application of the foundation.
I used 2 pea sized squirts on the brush to cover my whole face!

This is literally everything I have on my face in the picture above, as you can see, a better improvement than the first photo!

I am very impressed with this foundation, i've only had it on for an hour or so at the moment so i'm not sure on longevity or staying power but i'm sure for the price it will at least last 8 hours!
This makes my skin looks very dewy and natural, but has covered enough to make it look more flawless!
Happy bunny now

Here is the video


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  2. Thank you, yes that would be great :)