Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Garnier BB cream review!

My Mum ordered herself and I a sample pack of the new garnier BB cream a week or two ago. When it came in the post there were 3 little sample pouches in the box which I thought was quite good!
Its taken me about a week to actually use it as i've been sticking with foundation, but this morning my face felt so horrible I thought I'd give it a go! 

The cream came out quite thick and dark which I was dubious about, but as I put it on my skin and rubbed it in it felt so nice and moisturising, soft, and very well tinted!
I would say it has the coverage of a light/medium foundation but with the feel of a really nice moisturiser! 

After I'd applied the cream and looked at my skin I didn't really feel the need for foundation over the top of it, so I left it as it was and just applied a touch of powder in the oily areas of my face aswell as my bronzer and concealer. Did my eye make-up and was ready to go!

The good point of this BB cream are; it moisturises and covers all in one, it has a really nice colour to it that blends well with your own skin, it has spf 15 so no need for a sunscreen underneath, it lasts for over 8 hours and it's reasonably priced!
 My make-up lasted all day over this cream and even 8 hours after applying my face still looked fresh and well done!
After 8 hours wear! (excuse the headband I was just about to remove my make up) 
I am most definately going to invest in this cream once I have used up my samples :)
Thumbs up for the BB cream!

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