Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I want new skin!

I've started to get really fed up of my skin lately! I've never had skin this bad in my life, but I suppose pregnancy hormones can do strange things to you! I'm spotty, dry, oily and blotchy! :(
Yesterday I think it pushed me over the edge :/ I just got really annoyed with being sore and having painful spots, so today I decided to go and buy myself some new skin treatments! I normally use any moisturiser I want on my skin, but no longer apparently! I thought it best I swap my lovely strawberry N-spa for something a bit more medicated and better for my terrible skin right now!
I've always heard that tea tree does good things for acne and spots etc. So I decided on that as my weapon of choice!
L-R tea tree oil & Tea tree moisturiser 2 for 3.99 
Tea tree face mask 89p (superdrug)
Carmex cherry lip balm 2.00 (asda) 
Icare Tea tree face wipes 3 for 1.00 
Icare eye make up remover pads, 2 packs of 30 for 99p (bodycare)

So as you can see my new skin care didn't cost me much at all! 
So this evening I decided to try it all out, firstly I took my eye make-up off with the remover pads, they're quite small and because I wear a lot of mascara it took 3 sides of a pad on each eye to remove the make-up, but they work really well and for 99p I won't complain! 
Next, I took my face make-up off with the tea tree face wipes, I have used these before and never had a problem with them, they're soft and smell so nice!
Then, I moved onto the face mask! I got excited about this as I LOVE peel off face masks (my aim is always to get them off in one, and I did!) I loved the tingly, cool, fresh, zingy feeling this gave my face while it was drying! As soon as I took it off my skin felt so much nicer, more hydrated and soft! I think I will use this once a week from now on!
Next up I moisturised with the tea tree and then applied the tea tree oil onto the really sore and spotty areas of my face! 
The carmex lip balm is also very nice, it's kind of minty but tastes like cherry! I've used it 3 times in around the last 6 hours and my lips feel beautifully soft now :) 

I' hoping all this works on my skin and helps me get my flawless skin back very soon! If not, at least it smells a bit nicer now! Plus it never hurts to have a bottle of tea tree oil lying around!  

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