Monday, 5 March 2012

Latest beauty buys and the best lipstick colour for Me!

Yet again I seem to have bought quite a few cosmetics lately! I manage to pick something up near enough everytime I go shopping, and have also been buying online too!
There's a few things I wanted to try because everyone raves on about them!
ELF cosmetics, personally before today I never owned anything at all from elf, but thought i'd give them ago seeing as it's sooo cheap!
This lipstick has really impressed me! The shade is 021 classy.
Its creamy, moisturising, and pretty well lasting, I have eaten with it on and its stayed put!
The colour is one i've been searching for everywhere, it just looks nice on me, its not too far off my natural lip colour, so it just makes my lips look more defined and even! The perfect nude for my lip!
This only cost me £1.50, the packaging is pretty nice for that price too!

I also ordered some more stuff from e.l.f, I got some brushes, a white nail polish, white eyeliner and an eyelid primer! The stippling brush is also another thing i've been searching for and this one is really nice for £3.50!
 As you can see I also bought some foundations and nail polishes, these mega big glitter ones only cost me 99p for all 3 and they also came with the little nail file! Can't wait to try all of them!
Sally hansen double, base and top coat, this looks really nice even by itself!
Gosh foundation, I have only used once so far but I like it!
These aren't in the beauty category but I just wanted these hello kitty earrings off ebay, they cost me £1.99 and came in the post pretty fast so i'm a happy bunny!

Overall i'm really happy with the stuff I got! :) This is why i'm stupidly addicted to cosmetics!

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