Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday :)

Started with a big breakfast for Me!
For some reason I really fancied a fry up!

I was meant to be taking all the kids to the park with my Mum but she was ill and my Brother didn't bring them up in the end, so despite Me being fully dressed and done up, we went no where.

However, I thought I'd go for a sort of Dita, pin up look today!

For some reason red lips always make my big lips look even more huge!

I also decided to take a pic of some water marble nails I did last night :) I went for pink and orange originally but the pink didn't work so I had to switch to red :(
Still came out okay though!

A few white spots left but nothing too bad for once. This was one of my most successful attempts!

I also turned 26 weeks pregnant yesterday! OMG it's flying by now! My belly seems to be bigger everyday too! I think little man is doing alot of growing now :)
I do love my bump though!
Can't wait to see the little baby boy that comes out of it in 14 weeks time!

Then we had a visit off my lovely friends Kirsty and Becky (who are twins) They bought both babas presents and me some rock :) It was nice to catch up and have a girly chat! It doesn't happen much these days!
Then Me and lil lady had dinner and she's now sound asleep in bed and I can finally relax!

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